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Urban Winter Village

Freida McKitrick

Freida McKitrick

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What she said ...

Pop up Britain came to Liverpool in splendour giving local artists a rare opportunity to get their products on to the high street at Christmas time, a lucrative festive shopping season.

Matt, Alishia, Anish, Christina and Charlotte took on a huge challenge to organise a very unusual and unique event, who would have imagined the concept of containers being the focus of a Winter Village in Williamson Square, Liverpool. This was a new venture in Liverpool and without a reputation for success, therefore I decided to hire a container for just four days and give it a go. I had not heard of Revolver Retail but took a chance as Christina and Charlotte from Open Culture were involved, their reputation and success for organising events in Liverpool is well known.

The containers rolled into Williamson Square on a wet and windy evening, once in place retailers took charge of their new home adding fairy lights and trees etc. The Urban Winter Village came alive making the area quite magical.  The event brought together a diverse set of artists and businesses who became friends and were supportive of each other during the event, networking, exchanging information and ideas and partaking of mulled wine and cocktails from the Cargo Lounge.

I am incredibly thankful to the team for organising this unique event to give me the opportunity to trade at christmas time. My four days were a great success and I would not hesitate to take part in other events organised by them. This young team were extremely supportive, on hand at all times if anything went wrong and did everything in their power to put things right. I hope this concept has worked for them and hope it may invigorate another area of Liverpool sometime.

I have confidence the team will take on board the comments from retailers to continue to progress and improve future events.

Event: Urban Winter Village
Date: 21 November to 25 November 2013
T: @FreidaMcKitrick
F: Freida.Mckitrick
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