Urban Winter Village

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Before starting the Urban Winter Village I was concerned that as a relatively new business and with a 5 week stint over Christmas, it would be a pretty long, hard and stressful slog. Well, it was hard and stressful but it did pass by very quickly and it seemed we were all packing up not long after we had arrived. I found a new trader family, it was like a mini support network. There was a wide variety of stalls to visit, all different yet all local and complimented each other nicely.

I learned a great deal over those weeks leading up to Christmas.  Mainly, a glimpse into how it would be to own my own shop. To open up every morning and close down each night and making sure I could physically make enough stock to get me through the day and manage it too.  Definitely a few lessons learned and a whole wealth of experience that you couldn't get anywhere else! 

Revolver retail were always on site and dealt with problems quickly and efficiently.  They were always on hand and could step in to help you if needed.  

Event: Urban Winter Village
Date: 21 November to 22 December 2013

T: @CakesChristines
F: christines.cakes