Urban Winter Village


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We occupied the Urban Winter Village for the duration of the project and it proved to be a fruitful investment for our company. It provided us with an excellent opportunity to promote our brand to a new audience, in a prime city centre site. As a result, we saw increased engagement on social media, and a minimum of 40% increase on site traffic on a daily basis. We would certainly look to participate in any similar opportunities, as it has made a genuine impact on our company and laid the foundations for a year of increased growth in 2014.

From the outset of the project we worked with Revolver Retail, who delivered exactly what they promised. As a landlord, we found them to be honest, approachable and quick thinking with regard to any unexpected issues that may have cropped up as a result of creating a retail destination in the middle of the city centre. As a result of this experience, we would be keen to work with Revolver in the future and would wholeheartedly recommend them, particularly to fledgling businesses to who their projects are entirely suited. In tough economic times it is difficult for a new business to create a platform in the middle of the city centre, to compete with the larger brands, Revolver Retail created this platform and I would suggest, have made a real impact on the local economy as part of their desire to bring innovative, creative businesses to the high street

Event: Urban Winter Village
Date: 21 November to 22 December 2013

T: @Cards4Scousers
F: Cards4Scousers