Why use Revolver Retail?

Why not? 

The retail world is changing.

Internet retail is generating new opportunities and brands want a physical presence on the high street. Consumers need spaces to collect orders. People want to interact with brands face to face, touch, feel and see products.

Generation Y has grown up and they want to be surprised, entertained and experience more.

Not only are shoppers changing, but so is the marketplace. Retailers need to be in different places at different times and for some space is shrinking - consumers want more variety and rotation. If ideas don't change, then there is a risk that consumers will get bored. A department store re-arranges its departments seasonally so what is to say the high street or a shopping centre cant do the same?

Ultimately, the most successful shopping destinations realise that flexible space is essential to giving the customer the variety and experience they are looking for. Short Term, Pop Up and Flexible leases keep the space alive between long term tenants and allow new products or brands to test a market.

At Revolver Retail we try to create places people want to be. 

We try to do all we can to support our retailers. Whether you are a start up business, looking for a pop up store or new to the area we have a network of approved suppliers to help you get your business up and running and let you concentrate on the customer experience in store.

Contact Revolver Retail today for further information on how we can help you and your business.