Rex The Concept Store Press Coverage 2014

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Liverpool Echo: The Merseyside woman livening her husbands African Dream

For 10 years, Kathleen Galloway and her husband visited Africa every November, falling in love with the country, its people and their incredible artistry.

Kathleen Galloway with her business African Dream situated at REX Concept Store Rapid Liverpool.

“Kevin was always picking up stuff in the markets and saying ‘look at this, we should take this back to England to sell it and show people what they’re doing here’,” says Kathleen.

On November 2, 2007, the couple from Whiston returned for a fortnight’s stay in Cape Town. Suffering with cerebellar ataxia – a condition similar to motor neurone disease – 58-year-old Kevin’s health had been deteriorating, but he’d been given the all-clear by doctors to travel and they were looking forward to exploring a new part of the continent. 

“We got a quick freshen up after the flight and, without even unpacking, we went out for dinner,” remembers Kathleen. “We were talking about what we were going to be doing for the next two weeks when Kevin saw this guy who was struggling to walk so he got up and helped him.

“We walked back to where we were staying and we were in the car park, holding hands, when mid-sentence he collapsed and died of a massive heart attack.”

The shock was devastating for Kathleen, who was just two days from her 57th birthday.

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Drapers Online: Concept store championing independents to open in Liverpool

7 October, 2014 | By Tara Hounslea

A new ‘box’ concept store that champions independent and creative retailers and brands will open its doors in Liverpool this Friday (October 10).


The Rex store, which will span 5,000 sq ft and open in the George Henry Leeds building in the city centre, will offer fashion, homewares, health and beauty products and bespoke items from more than 40 local retailers.

“The concept is simple but brand-new not only to Liverpool, but to the North West – we provide retail space and boxes that act as a platform for traders to display their goods in our mini-emporium,” said Alishia Thomas-Jackson from Revolver Retail, which specialises in pop-up stores and short-term lets for retail space.

Retailers and brands will be able to take short term, flexible and pop-up leases for space within the concept store to test markets and products, and to deliver seasonal activity and events.

Businesses include young fashion brand StickU, gift retailer Myne Boutique by Isla Parry and eco-friendly childrenswear designer Katherine Caldwell Illustrated Collections.

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Liverpool Chamber of Commerce: Rex in the City

 Tue, October 7th, 2014

A unique concept store is opening its doors in Liverpool

A unique concept store that champions independent businesses and celebrates one-of-a-kind, innovative, start-up and creative retailers is opening its doors in Liverpool.

Rex, Liverpool’s first box-store, located in the iconic George Henry Lees building in the city centre, is being delivered by award-winning retail specialists Revolver Retail and will open its doors on Friday, October 10 at 10am.

Revolver Retail, recent winners of the ‘Best Original Start-Up’ category at Merseyside Independent Business (MIB) Awards 2014, recognised the potential of Rapid’s expanse basement space and transformed the site into a new retail venture.

The concept store will specialise in bespoke products, fashions, homewares and health & beauty products crafted by a variety of designers.

Alishia Thomas-Jackson, of Revolver Retail said: “Rex is a unique home for innovative businesses that allows traders to sell their products or provide services in a stress-free environment.

“We’re thrilled to be unveiling Rex to the public – this is a first for the city and the feedback so far has been incredible, it’s about time the city started thinking outside of the box!”

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Rex opens its doors as Liverpool’s first concept store

The North West’s first ‘concept store’ opened its doors today, as a collection of beauty, fashion, art and craft entrepreneurs gathered for a unique take on the traditional city centre shop.

“We need more places like this and we need more people to come down here.”

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Forty businesses unite to form one eclectic store

More than 40 independent retailers have united under one roof to bring you a diverse and unique shopping experience.

The concept outlet which champions independent and start-up retailers has launched in Liverpool’s George Henry Lees building.

“Rex reflects the exciting nature of Liverpool and represents an unrivalled shopping experience in the city”

“We’re going to remodel people’s understanding of a retail destination"

Rex, which has been set up by Revolver Retail, will include fashion, homeware and health and beauty products from independent retailers.More than 40 businesses will operate in the space and the scheme has been supported by Rapid and the City Central BID.

Businesses which have signed up to be based in Rex include independent coffee entrepreneurs Quills Coffee, Katherine Caldwell Illustrated Collections, MYNE Boutique by Ilsa Parry and fashion brand StickU.

Matt Bell of Revolver Retail said: “Rex reflects the exciting nature of Liverpool and represents an unrivalled shopping experience in the city.

“We’re going to remodel people’s understanding of a retail destination with our collection of outstanding businesses that occupy such a unique space.”


Published: 10/10/2014

Seecret Tours & #RexCheques

On our daily Seecret walking tours around Liverpool, we stop by the wonderful statue of Eleanor Rigby. Yesterday, we did the same but our tour guide spotted something different – a lovingly wrapped box with the letters REX stamped on hidden behind dear old Eleanor! Intrigued? Read on…

Upon finishing the tour and opening the box we found a #RexCheque for £100 cash! This morning we headed down to Rex, situated in the basement of Rapid to check it out and cash in. We were impressed with what we found. Rex is Liverpool’s very first concept and box store, designed around independent retailers to create a shared retail and work space for like minded creative businesses. It’s like a mini-emporium where you can find quirky new products from fun, vibrant, independent designers and retailers. Find out what Rex has been up to on Twitter!

As we support local charities we’ll be donating the cash to the Whitechapel Centre, the leading homeless and housing charity for the Liverpool region. Check out us cashing in and some snaps from REX below, I highly recommend checking this Seecret gem out this weekend for some early christmas shopping!

PS: Rex are still running their #Rexcheques giveaway so get following them and keep your eyes peeled for clues!


Posted On: October 12, 2014

I’ve been wondering around the city over the last couple of days shooting some stock photography, part to order and part for my archivewhen I came across this boss little bit of new independent Liverpool.  Situated underneath Rapid Hardware on Basnett Street (the one that runs between T.K.Maxx and M&S) is REX, a brand new indie concept store that pulls together work from all kinds of different local artists and design types and it’s brilliant.  

There’s a lovely little coffee shop in one corner called Quills, partition walls for framed work and little units selling all kinds of stuff from various designers who include an 11 year old who makes clothes for dogs!  It’s a great addition to the city’s independent retail scene and has only just opened in the last couple of days so give it a go. Good work Rex!

DSCF2784A DSCF2872



Box Fresh: Rex – Liverpool’s ‘Box Store’ Retail Experience

Revolver Retail have opened the doors to ‘Rex’, a concept department store in Liverpool city centre. Housed in the George Henry Lee building, ‘Rex’ allows independent traders the opportunity to benefit from a shared retail space.

By offering each retailer as much, or as little space as they can manage; Revolver are hoping to foster those taking their first steps into retail and provide an environment for existing businesses to grow.

Ahead of the launch I caught up with Matt Bell, the visionary behind Revolver, to find out more. When I dropped in unannounced, he and the team were still hard at work building the space. I was hoping to find out why he thinks Liverpool should pay any attention to a new store opening.

There is hardly a shortage of shops in the city. So, what’s the reason for opening another, and why should anyone care?

“Some people are so close to having a good idea; it just takes a little tweak to get it right”, he told me.

I was thinking this all sounds very philanthropic. “Like some sort of social enterprise?”

Matt is not really into that idea, “If you’re making money, it’s not a social enterprise, it’s just a normal business … You can do nice things and be a normal business. At the end of the day, we’ve got to pay the bills and these people have to make some money.”

Well, yeah. But, for Matt and the guys at Revolver, the idea goes further than just utilising the dead space of Rapid’s huge Basnett St basement. Their mission is to facilitate creators, designers and entrepreneurs to become retailers; and help others, who are already in the game, expand.

“The real sort of benefit comes from the people who can train them all up. People struggle because they don’t know how to expand and do their accounts. We’ve got that support network built up; and that’s the important part, to make it all sustainable”.

Development is very much the message I was feeling. Not just in terms of allowing junior retailers to hit the road with a set of stabilisers attached. Sure, they can learn and make mistakes when the stakes are low; but they can also grow by a square foot at a time, if that’s what they need.

The guys have really taken the ‘box store’ notion to the extreme! Rex’s centrepiece is, no surprise, a giant box. It just so happens to open up to become a stage to be used for performance, promotions…. Basically, whatever anyone can fill it with.

  Rex Liverpool3 Rex Liverpool4

Revolver Retail recently were winners in the ‘Best Original Start-Up’ category at the Merseyside Independent Business Awards.

Check out @RexLiverpool and @RevolverRetail on Twitter

Echo Newspaper

Open Magazine: Tuesday 14 October

Stashing Money On The Streets Is One Way Of Announcing Your New Store

Rex is Liverpool’s very first concept & box store



 Liverpool is home to many an innovative store; those hidden gems whose discovery you just have to keep to yourself.  But none are quite as quirky as Revolver Retail; launched with a vision to create places for people and businesses to sell from.

 Since its launch, Revolver have constructed a Christmas shipping container village, commercialised Liverpool’s major events program, sourced concessions for Topshop and even developed the Liverpool Cruise Terminal into a 5000 square foot vintage tearoom.

 This week, Revolver have launched an even quirkier project; the #REXCheques competition to celebrate the opening of their new box store, Rex. In a bid to increase engagement with the general population, Revolver planted a series of hidden treasures across multiple inner and outer city locations – which they hoped would cleverly emulate the essence of Revolver: that it too, in itself is a hidden treasure. Each box contained a sum of money up to the value of £100, £50 or £25, as well as donations from retailers. The brains of the operation believe that City Centres should be more than a mere collection of shops. They should be places people meet, explore and interact, and look up from their smartphones once in a while and rediscover. They believe that City Centres should be fun; and that’s precisely where the #REXCheques came into play.

 Revolver believes that retail is the business that makes the world turn. Very few people go through a day without engaging with at least one retailer, whether it be during a (rather naughty) shopping trip in their lunch break or through social media interaction.

 Not only do they provide a space from which individuals or businesses can sell, but they also offer a large feature box available for hire for whatever it is a business wishes to promote, from event spaces to an open door to anyone; whether they want to dance in Revolver’s windows, create art on their walls or stop by for a chat over coffee.


Olivia Cheryl Blog: Tuesday, 14 October 2014

REX Liverpool - The New Concept & Box Store!

Hello! You may or may not know I come from Liverpool! The city full of culture, shopping, sight seeing and of course The Beatles! I'm not a huge lover of some of the things in Liverpool but when it comes to Independent Vintage shops on Bold street or the fairly new Independent Card that launched in 2013 I can't help but love the passion these people put into their business! And recently a new shop 'REX Liverpool' opened!
This is Liverpool's first independent Box and Concept store selling products ranging from Art Work, Baby Clothes, Jewellery even coffee! 
The great thing is everything REX sell are from independent retailers offline, a lot of things are unique like the makeup bags or the baby clothes! Amazing quality and something you couldn't get in the likes of Primark across the street! 
One thing that I loved was that they have Liverpool's youngest entrepreneurs selling in there! Angel is an 11 year old girl saving up for Vet school and she makes dog clothes! Safe to say they are adorable!! (Her link below!)The shop is just under Rapid in the city center so quite hidden away but when you know it's there you have to visit! The interior is completely wooden giving the room an amazing smell and a really unique independent look you wouldn't get walking into a well known branded shop! The staff are really happy and friendly and you couldn't fault a thing!
If you are ever in or around Liverpool I think this shop is a definite to visit! Not just for the amazing products inside but to support such an independent shop!