Landlord Frequently Asked Question's

As a Landlord enquiring into Revolver Retail you might find the below helpful:

1. What is a retailer? 

We class all of our tenants as retailers, whether they are selling a product, service, food, experience or brand- ultimately we are all selling to the consumer.

2. What types of retailers do you have? 

We have all kinds of retailers on our books. Retail property is so diverse that our retailers need to be. We will work with you to find the right occupiers for your space. And if we haven't got what you are looking for then let us know and we will find it. 

3. How much does Revolver Retail cost?

On short and medium term leases (under 18 months), we charge 25% of the rental income which includes our fully managed service. This is deducted from the rent we collect from the retailers. We also offer a finders fee for any longer term leases. 

4. How will I receive my rent?

We collect the rent from the retailer and self bill ourselves on the first working day of each month. We then pay you within 14 days of the date of the self billing invoice.

5. What if the retailer doesn't pay?

We carefully match our retailer to spaces and ensure that their sales expectations and forecasts are realistic. We have a wide range of support services available to support our retailers but also collect rent in advance to enable us to manage defaults if the occur.

6. Who pays the utilities?

If the lease is for less than a month we look to landlords to provide utilities within the overall cost of the space. If the lease is over a month then we will support the retailer in transferring the services over to their business for the duration of the lease.

7. What spaces can i list?

You can list any space you want. Whether it is a 25,000 sq/ft store, an office, a small concession space or even a single shelf within a unit. Contact us and will tailor your listing to find the right retailer for you.

8. Who photographs the units?

This is included in the service. The better presented the unit is online, the easier it will be for retailers to see how they can occupy your space.

9. What rental terms can i offer?

You can offer your space for rent by whatever period you want: daily, weekly, monthly or longer, depending on how often you would like your tenants revolved.

10. What if no one wants my space?

We pride ourselves on finding a retailer for any space. As the retail industry changes spaces can no longer be expected to fit retailer needs. We can work with a number of retailers to see if we can combine their offers to fill a space or with with the landlord to reconfigure the unit.

11. How do I know a retailer will pay their rent and look after my unit? 

Revolver Retail collect all rental income for you and ensures that your unit is returned you in the condition that it was first let.

12. Do you charge a security deposit?

We agree a security deposit with the landlord if they require it and hold the deposit until the space is handed back in the condition previously agreed. This is a quick and simple process.

13. How long is a flexible or short-term lease?

We believe anything that doesn't fit into the 5-10 year long lease model is a flexible lease. We have tenants looking for everything from a week to a rolling annual lease so we will work with you to find the right retails for your space. Some landlords want a revolving retail mix in their spaces whilst others look to us for longer term arrangements with the flexibility to move tenants around their properties.

14. Won't shorter leases create more work?

Yes, a lot more. But that's what we are here for. We manage your space fully and make things easy for retailers and landlords.  

15. Can short-term tenants turn into long-term tenants?

Yes, you know how great your space is but retailers need to experience trading in it to see what they are missing. We believe flexible leases represent an opportunity for retailers to take spaces that they necessarily wouldn't have touched otherwise. Once they take a space they will want to stay. Very few pop-up shops truly want to just pop up one day and disappear the next. We have a support network to get retailers up and running and trading to their full potential and possibly trading as long term tenants. 

16. What if i have a long-term lease request during the lease?

At the end of the day, it is your unit and if a long term tenant comes along before the short-term lease is up we will work with you to help re-locate the short term tenant in line with your new tenant taking access. We have long-term tenants on our books who we develop to take on longer leases in higher footfall areas as their sales grow.

17. Can i show people round my unit during the lease?

Yes, it is your unit and we can even manage the visits for you. The fact that the unit is open and trading will encourage more visits and help sell the space. Just let us know when you want to arrange the visit and we will take care of the rest.

18. Can i use my own lease or rental contracts?

Yes, you can either use your own lease and licensing agreements or if you don't have a standard rental contract we have a range of templates we can provide you with according to your requirements. 

19. Who can rent my space and can i say no?

Yes, you will always have the final say on whether a retailer can use your space. We are especially careful not to locate retailers in spaces that will compete directly with your existing retailers. We will be in contact regularly with details of tenants we have lined up and you can pick the ones that are best suited to your space.  

Still haven't found what you were looking for? Please get in touch and let us know how we can help!