Retailer Frequently Asked Questions's

As a Retailer enquiring into Revolver Retail you might find the below helpful:

1. What do you class as a Retailer? 

We class all of our tenants as retailers, whether they are selling a product, service, food, experience or brand- ultimately we are selling to the consumer.

2. What types of retailers do you have? 

We have all kinds of retailers on our books. Retail property is so diverse that our retailers need to be. We will work with you to find the right occupiers for your space. And if we haven't got what you are looking for then let us know and we will find it

3. How much does Revolver Retail cost?

Revolver will support you at every stage of the process from when we first meet, to the handing back of keys to the landlord. Depending on your requirements we will give you a set fee so you know exactly what you are paying for and more importantly what you are getting for it. 

4. How will I pay my rent?

You can enquire for any space listed on our website by adding a space to the basket and completing the process. Or alternatively, contact us directly. 

5. What if I cant afford to pay?

We collect all rent in advance for all leases. If your lease is less than 2 months we will collect the rental figure upfront and 2 months in advance for any longer leases. If you are having difficulty meeting your rental commitments, then let us know as soon as possible and we can see what we can do to support your business.

6. Who pays the utilities?

If the lease is for less than a month we look to landlords to provide utilities within the overall cost of the space. If the lease is over a month then we will support the retailer in transferring the services over to their business for the duration of the lease.

7. How do I submit a rental request?

Just find the unit or units you are looking for and contact us. We can then make viewing arrangements and get you trading from the space as soon as possible.

8. Do I need insurance?

All retailers will require a Public Liability Insurance (PLI) which we can assist with if required. As part of the opening process we will set out the PLI requirements for the space you are looking to occupy.

9. Do I need any other documents?

You will be required to have a risk assessment relevant to your store as well as any other H&S documents such as PAT testing on electrical equipment. 

10. Who photographs the unit?

This is included in the service. We will photograph all new store openings to promote on our website and other marketing material. 

11. Can I serve alcohol?

It is the retailers responsibility to comply with local licensing requirements for their business. Revolver will be happy to advise you on what you will need to have in place to serve alcohol.

12. Are there any set opening hours?

In a shared space, store-within-a-store or shopping mall you will need to comply with their trading hours. We ask that all retailers respect these opening hours and longer term neighbouring tenants.

13. What space should I choose?

We know our spaces, customers and footfall locations well so we will be able to support you in finding a unit that best matches the requirements of the business. 

14. What support will I get from Revolver?

You can expect anything from recruitment, fixture rental, accounts, marketing and business development. If you are unsure of any aspect of opening and running a pop-up shop please get in contact with us as soon as possible.

15. What if I want a unit I can't afford?

The nature of commercial space is the better the location the higher the rent, because simply, if you get more customers you will get more money. There will be occasions when spaces become available for less than their market value, or if the retail offering is special enough that it will add to the landlords offer, they may be willing to take a lower rental fee. In any case, contact us and we will see what can be done.

16. What if I can't find a space?

Have no fear, if you cant find a space let us know what it is you are looking for and we will find a space for you.

17. Can I share my space?

Our leases are usually between one retailer and the landlord. In the instance where we have a number of businesses that want space but cannot afford it alone, we will look to create unique retail environments so they can join together and trade from much better locations than on their own.

18. At the end of the lease, is the retailer responsible for clearing up?

Yes, if you would like details on preferred cleaning companies please let us know and we will be happy to put you in touch with the right people.

Still haven't found what you were looking for? Please get in touch and let us know how we can help!